Gelato Batch Freezer – รุ่น Labo 30/45 XPL P




• The most advanced technology for Gelato making “Hard-o-Tronic ® & Hard-o-Dynamic ®” which Intelligently detect Gelato consistency and Automatically recognize type and quantity of mix. To produce the highest quality Gelato

• Six variable freezing programs, suited to different types of production: Gelato, Sorbetto, Slush Fruit, Gelato Crystal, Fruit Crystal, Ice Cream.

• Hourly production:  (20/45 kg) , (28/60 liters)

• LCD screen consistently displays the values of the programmed consistency and the gelato in the batch freezer.

• Pom Beater: No central shaft and has removeable POM blades.

• Post Cooling- Cooling function injects cold into the gelato as it comes out of the cylinder.

• The delayed cleaning program guarantees hygiene by controlling the temperature of the cylinder once the gelato has been extracted

• Versatile shelf, possibility of positioning the shelf at two different heights and in three different positions.